Tradewinds Airlines, Inc.

Tradewinds-Airlines, Inc.


A forensic analysis of the debtor’s prepetition disbursements identified numerous avoidable transfers, some of which led to significant recoveries for this Estate.  Barry Mukamal was the Chapter 7 bankruptcy trustee in this North Carolina case, which is an asset of the Tradewinds Airlines bankruptcy estate, involving seven (7) A300 aircraft and fourteen(14) engines which Tradewinds leased through C-S Aviation, a now-defunct company owned by George Soros and his business partner, Pernundu Chatterjee.  In July 2010, after a six day trial, Tradewinds obtained a $48 million judgment against C-2 Aviation based upon certain misrepresentations C-S Aviation made to Tradewinds about the condition of the leased engines.


After obtaining the judgment in North Carolina, the Tradewinds bankruptcy estate initiated an action in New York to enforce the judgement against George Soros and his business partner on a piercing the corporate veil theory.  To date, the trustee has