Retail, Wholesale, Franchise

Retail, Wholesale, Franchise


Soneet Kapila and Barry Mukamal have served in the roles as Chief Restructuring Officer, Plan Administrator, Creditor Agent, Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 Trustee, Liquidating Trustee and as Assignee for the Benefit of Creditors in many cases involving operating retail and wholesale establishments and franchises.  KapilaMukamal as accountants and financial consultants has provided services including forensic investigation and financial analyses, litigation support, troubled business turnaround, bankruptcy consulting, budgeting and operations consulting for a broad range of businesses including medical equipment and supplies, flowers, mobile phones, fast-food restaurants, marinas, women’s fashions and accessories, shoes, gasoline, arts and crafts stores, porch and patio furniture, carpets and flooring, fixture manufacturing and sales, etc.




A.G.A. Flowers, Inc. / Gerald Stevens Inc., et al


Bobby Allison Wireless, Inc., and Bobby Allison Wireless Corp. Inc.


Goodman and Dominguez, Inc., d/b/a Traffic, Inc., Traffic Las Plazas, Inc. and Traffic Plaza Del Norte, Inc., Debtors


Medical Supply Holdings, LLC


Miami Shoes


Simply Fashion Stores


SMF Energy Corporation


The Huck Group, Inc.





Carpet-tile Outlet, Inc.(Carpets)


Casual Furnishings Group (Porch and Patio)


Fort Lauderdale Produce, Inc. (Frozen Meats Wholesaler)


Haulover Resort Marina, Inc. (Recreational Marina)


Kaplan International, Inc. (Meat Purveyor)


King #16, et al (Burger King Franchises)


KMS Restaurant Group, and Keitel v. Wendy’s (Wendy’s Hamburgers)


Knight Service Centers (Gasoline Distribution Retail Chain)


Pacific Growers / Triple E Produce (Agricultural Products)


Pearl Arts and Crafts (Retail Arts and Crafts)


Penn Dutch Meats, Inc. (Meat Retailer)


Purity, Inc. (Condiments, Food Products, Cleaning Supplies)