Receiver, Assignee

Soneet R. Kapila and Barry E. Mukamal have served as Receiver, Assignee for the Benefit of Creditors, Escrow Agent and Special Master in a multitude of cases.  Following are representative cases involving medical and health care industries, investment property, real estate, insurance, retail and wholesale, logistics, farming, manufacturing, hotel operations. among others.

Soneet Kapila has served as Receiver for the U.S. Department of Justice primarily for the disposition and sale of forfeited assets in the following cases:

United States of America v. Gisela Valladares

United States of America v. Steven Steiner

United States of America v. Erin Rose Valdo Desantis

United States of America v. Consuelo Correchet

United States of America v. Alina Bello Alonso





Laser Spine Institute, LLC


South Pacific Specialties, LLC


Corbitt Manufacturing Company, Inc.


Eleets Logistics, Inc., et al


Waterways Joint Ventures IV, LLC


Ram Peat, Inc.


Crosswinds at Palencia


The Huck Group, Inc.


La Preserve, LLC


BRT Realty Trust v. Byhall, LLC; Ocean Bank v. Aliente Gardens; Ocean Bank v. Salamanca Point, LLC


Centrex Premium Finance Corporation, Estrella Group Holdings, Inc. and Nicholas Estrella


Florida Community Bank, N.A. v. Cody Sod Farms, Inc., et al


Florida Community Bank, N.A., v. CES Properties, Ltd., et al


Florida Community Bank, N.A., v. MGZ Properties, Ltd., et al


Wachovia 4299 Miami Springs


Madison Avenue Media, Inc


Med/Waste, Inc.


Med Web


Medical Supply Holdings, LLC


National Fisheries, Inc.


Prime Homes, et al


Radice Corporate Center II Mortgaged Property


The Skull Creek Club Limited Partnership


Wachovia v. Glenn Wright Homes


Additional Listing of Cases


Calumet / Bayshore Waterfront Apartments (a 32 unit hotel/condominium)

Casual Furnishings Group (Porch & Patio ) – casual furniture retail outlets

Cody Sod Farms, Inc. – sod farm

Commonwealth Land Title Ins. Co. v. Fenway Title & Escrow – title company

Greenwish Insurance Services – insurance agency

High Point – health care and substance/alcohol abuse facility

Lifeway Homes, LLC – 

Regions Bank v. First West Cutler Gardens – real estate (Special Master)

SIMBA Life Plans, LLC – Innovative Financial Planning