OLD Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors

KM has extensive experience in representing Creditors’ Committees, including Official Committees of General Unsecured Creditors, as financial consultants, advisors and accountants.  We have assisted Committee counsel in aggressive litigation to replace corporate management; monitored financial operations of the Debtor, provided reliable assessments of an entity’s various operating subsidiaries, conducted analyses of the viability of the core business and monetary assets and the ability to reorganize.

We have identified, traced, marshaled and evaluated assets including off-shore investigations.  We have conducted objective analyses of insider transactions, complex related party transactions, preferential transfers and financial conduct of the debtor in both pre- and post-petition periods.  We have evaluated causes of action, assessed recoveries and operational analytics and identified recovery targets.

We have provided financial analyses, including liquidation analyses under various alternatives, provided complex tax analyses, advice and consultation to conform to Plans of Reorganization.  We have assisted in the formulation of Plans, Disclosure Statements and Liquidating Trusts with Internal Revenue procedures and guidelines.

APL Corporation
Abraham D. Gosman
Banco Latino International