Forensic Investigation and Analysis

KM provides forensic and financial analysis, assessments of complex and intricate corporate, insider and related party transactions, identification and tracing of assets and targets of recovery, preferences and fraudulent conveyances, evaluation of alternative strategies and feasibility plans. Ponzi schemes and fraudulent business conduct are special targets for KM consultants and analysts. Our forensic investigation includes discovery and unraveling of vast webs of tangled real estate holdings, corporate shells, mismanagement and misstatements, and fraudulent transfers. Our forensic investigations have encompassed off-shore banking and international monetary transactions.


KM untangled intricate webs of related party transactions and traced cash flows by analyzing and evaluating the voluminous financial activity of these entities. The S.E.C./U.S. Government seized the corporate assets and closed the businesses due to the Companies’ alleged sale of unregistered securities and securities fraud. KM assisted the Receivers in securing the premises, identifying and marshalling assets and prepared written reports, which were utilized by both the S.E.C. and the Receivers for enforcement and recovering assets for the benefit of investors. The analysis and investigation of corporate transactions involved significant transfers of intricate webs of funds, including international and offshore corporate structures.




Financial Federated Title & Trust, Inc. 


Iron Shore Indemnity, Inc. et al v. Banyon 1032-32, LLC, et al


Aerosonic Corporation 


Razorback Funding, LLC et al v. Scott Rothstein, et al


Noble Trust Company / State of New Hampshire