Business Restructuring



Distressed businesses face a broad spectrum of challenges to consider in periods of economic downturn, volatile market fluctuation, declining earnings, setbacks in resources and capital crunches. Recognizing the need for professional assistance is the first step to avoid costly and potentially irreversible damage to your business.

Our team is experienced in financial and operations management, restructuring  and reorganization, turnaround, organizational development,  preservation of assets, divestiture and bankruptcy consulting. We have assisted both privately owned and publicly traded companies including IPO’s, lease and credit facility negotiations, mergers and acquisitions, accounting, treasury functions and project management and development.

KM‘s professionals have the expertise to assist your organization into a successful turnaround, or, in the alternative guide them through divestiture or bankruptcy in order to mitigate losses.




Chief Restructuring Officer


Chief Administrator


Corporate Monitor





SMF Energy Corp


Aero Services, Inc. 


Simply Fashion Stores, Ltd.


Fiddler’s Creek, LLC


Coast To Coast Seafood, Inc., 


Florida Extruders International, Inc.


Levitt & Sons, LLC


Old Corkscrew Plantation, LLC, et al


Florida Development Associates, Ltd.


USA Labs / Cosmyl, Inc.


Waterways Joint Venture IV, LLC


100 Montaditos


Spear & Jackson, Inc.


Evans Oil Company, LLC