Creditors’ Committees, Secured Creditors, Debtors-in-Possession

KapilaMukamal has been engaged as accountants and financial consultants to Official Committees of Unsecured Creditors and Creditors’ Committees in numerous cases.  We have assisted Committee’s counsel in aggressive litigation, provided reliable assessments of an entity’s various operating subsidiaries, analyzed significant and complex related party transactions, assisted in formulating and evaluating numerous financial activities and transactions, identified and traced assets to add value for the benefit of unsecured creditors.

We have acted as financial consultants and provided complex tax analyses, advice and consultation to conform to Plans of Reorganization, Disclosure Statements and Liquidating Trusts with the Internal Revenue Service procedures and guidelines.

We have assisted Committees in monitoring the financial operations of Debtors, traced flows of assets, investigated insider relationships and voidable transactions and developed proofs of insolvency for fraudulent transfer litigation.




APL Corporation


Abraham D. Gosman


A.G.A. Flowers, Inc., Gerald Stevens, Inc., et al


Banco Latino International


Comprehensive Clinical Development


Florida Entertainment, LLC (St. Tropez)


Goodman and Dominguez, Inc. d/b/a Traffic, Inc., et al


G-Site Associates


Hospital Staffing Services, Inc.


Jesup & Lamont, Inc., et al


Miami Shoes, Inc.


Music Semiconductors


New River Boat Club, Inc.


Pearl Arts and Craft Stores


Peninsula Mortgage Bankers Corp.


Poinciana Development Company II, Inc.


Prive Vegas, LLC


Rothstein, Rosenfeldt and Adler, P.A.


Ruden McClosky, P.A.


Southern Gun & Tackle, Inc.


The Boca Raton Company


Thomas Aloysius Warmus


Tuttles Design Build, Inc.


US Capital (Fashion Center Mall)