Mukamal Helps Prive Developers Win $26 Million Jury Verdict

As reported in the Law 360 e-newsletter on March 15, 2018, Barry Mukamal provided “testimony necessary to assist the court and jury to understand the elements of damages and to quantify the monetary loss incurred by Privé arising from the HOA litigation. Damages allowed for consideration in this case focused on:  financing costs, additional construction costs and additional sales and marketing costs.”

Providing expert testimony, Barry Mukamal assisted the litigation team of Waldman Barnett, led by co-managing partners Glen Waldman and Eleanor Barnett, and succeeded in demonstrating that Privé Developers, as a result of the HOA’s attempts to stop construction of two 16-store residential towers totaling 160 luxury condo units in a five-year battle caused insurmountable monetary damage and harm.

Mukamal quantified the damages resulting from the HOA suits and helped the jury understand the difficulties that Privé faced in obtaining construction loans at favorable rates, marketing the condos and increased costs of construction.