Accountants to SEC, FTC & Federal Court Appointed Receivers/Trustees

Accountants to SEC, FTC & Federal Court Appointed Receivers/Trustees


KM has served as forensic accountants to the Securities and Exchange Commissions (SEC), Federal Trade Commission and Federal Court appointed Receivers, Trustees and Independent Investigators. KM untangled intricate webs of related party transactions and traced cash flows by analyzing and evaluating the voluminous financial activity of these entities.The S.E.C./U.S. Government seized the corporate assets and closed the businesses due to the Companies’ alleged sale of unregistered securities and securities fraud. KM assisted the Receivers in securing the premises, identifying and marshaling assets and prepared written reports, which were utilized by both the S.E.C. and the Receivers for enforcement and recovering assets for the benefit of investors.

The analysis and investigation of corporate transactions involved significant transfers of intricate webs of funds, including international and offshore corporate structures. KM also analyzed funds flows to determine Ponzi schemes and prepared in-depth Ponzi analyses, which were instrumental in court testimony to recover additional assets for distribution to defrauded investors.





ContiFinancial Corporation


General Coffee Corporation (a/k/a Chase & Sanborn Corp.)


Gerald Zwirn


Grand Seas Resort Partners


L & H Liquidating Trust


Medco, Inc., Transamerica Wireless Systems, Inc., and Intercontinental Telecommunications Co.


Southern Pacific Funding Corporation


Southeast Banking Corporation / Southeast Bank, N.A.


SunCruz Casinos, LLC





  • American Precious Metals, LLC

  • Aubrey Lee Price, PFG, LLC

  • Associated Record Distributors

  • Casino Gaming Factory

  • Comcoa, Ltd.

  • Commodities OnLine, LLC

  • Creative Capital Consortium, LLC

  • Edward S. Digges, Jr., Nexstar Communications, LLC, TMT Equipment Company, LLC, TMT Management Group, LLC, et al

  • Fereidoun “Fred” Khalilian and The Dolce Group Worldwide, LLC.

  • Financial Federated Title & Trust, Inc.

  • Gary F. Gieseke, MD PA

  • Get Answers, Inc.

  • Hawa Corporation / Hawa Communications, Inc.

  • Homeland Communications Corporation, F. LaBarre and J. Yurkin et al

  • Hunter Wise Commodities, Inc Inspired Ventures, Inc., Jesse Alper and Victor Alper

  • International Capital Management, Inc.

  • Internet Capital Consultants, Inc.

  • JCS Enterprises, Inc., d/b/a JCS Enterprises Services, Inc., T.B.T.I., Inc., Joseph Signore and Paul L. Schumack, II, 

  • Junction Financial Corporation

  • KS Advisors, Inc., KS Condor Partners, Ltd., II, Damian Partners, LLC, Scott Fine and Kevin Boyle

  • Med-Rite Laboratories, LLC v. G. Frank, et al

  • Nationwide Connections, Inc., Access One communications, Inc., Network One Services, Inc., Willoughby Farr, et al

  • Pacific Northwestern

  • Pheonix Investments, Inc. f/k/a Pheonix Financial Groups, Inc.

  • SunState FX, Inc.

  • The Dolce Group Worldwide, LLC, et al

  • Timeshare Mega Media and Marketing Group, Inc., et al

  • World Corp.

  • World Class Limousine

  • Wealth Pools International, Inc., Robert E. Lane, and Recruit for Wealth, et al