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Sim Kapila
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Sim Kapila – Chartered Accountants

London, England (

Sim Kapila, with a reputation as one of the leading forensic accountancy firms in England and Wales, is a “niche” practice offering specialist advice on the financial and business aspects of legal disputes and claims. They investigate, report, provide expert evidence and assist in identifying the most important financial elements of a case.

Areas covered include disputes and claims involving:

  • Loss of profits and consequential loss
  • Matrimonial disputes
  • Personal injury and fatal accidents
  • Professional negligence
  • Fraud

Sim Kapila brings together several years experience of litigation support and investigative accountancy work. They are committed to the development of forensic accountancy as a distinct branch of the profession. Aspects of this commitment include membership in the Academy of Experts, founding membership in the Expert Witness Institute and contributions to legal journals such as the Law Society’s Gazette, the Company Lawyer and the Solicitors’ Journal.