100 M Holdings (100 Montaditos)

100 Montaditos


KapilaMukamal served as bankruptcy consultants and advisors to the Miami-based operator of 100 Montaditos’ restaurant chain which filed for bankruptcy involving 14 restaurants across the State of Florida.  KM worked with the Debtor and counsel to prepare bankruptcy petitions, consult as to first day filing requirements, emergency motions and to fulfill United States Trustee document requests for 14 Debtor entities.  They advised the Debtor on numerous management decisions related to pre and post petition transactions; assisted the Debtor in preparation of bankruptcy schedules; collaborated re preparation of the initial 13 week operating budget and subsequent budget updates including actual to budget reconciliations as requested by the United States Trustee.  KM assisted the client in preparation for and attended first day hearings and supported Debtor’s counsel in preparation for hearings related to DIP financing.